Owning a sailboat means that there is going to be a lot of opportunities for some exciting adventures. Each time this boat is taken out, a new experience is about to begin. To make a day out on the water extra special, it is important to have a gally setup so the participants can enjoy some refreshments. One that is perfect to serve especially on a cool sailing day is espresso.

The Popularity of Sailing

Sailing is one of the most popular water sports and it has some exciting events for the amateur sailors as well as pros.

A Day on the Water

The great thing about sailboats is they can be destined for long trips or just a day’s excursion. Either way, the gally should be stocked with some refreshments. A quick and easy drink that is popular with those who like to sail is espresso. To enjoy this when sailing, it is going to require stocking the gally with an espresso maker and some quality made and designed espresso cups so you and the guests can enjoy this wonderful refreshment in the best way possible.

The Importance of Espresso Cups

Many people invest in good quality espresso makers but don’t put as much thought into the cups it is served in. These cups enhance the experience of drinking good espresso and can make a difference in the overall taste of the drink. If the cup is too big, then the crema that is used will spread out too much across the surface of the cup and make it too thin. Also, a large cup affects the temperature of the espresso.

The Health Benefits of Espresso

Espresso is a tasty drink and one that can warm up guests on a cool day on the water. There is a lot of indicators that it has some health benefits that are associated with it too.