If you are taking a sailing trip, then you might want to consider what alternatives are available to you if you are a smoker. It isn’t practical to take a lot of cigarettes with you, especially if you are taking a long trip. You need to consider something a little more practical.

Smoking alternatives

Vaping is one option that is available to you, but this requires the vaping device and the liquid and it is not without risks. There are potential side effects, although it is much safer than smoking cigarettes.

Alternatively, you can try shopping for Snus UK nicotine pouches at Northerner.com. Snus UK is a good range of different flavoured pouches that have different strengths too. They don’t take up a lot of space in your luggage and they can be used without fear of offending anyone else. It is a great way to cut back on your nicotine use and they are ideal to use on trips of any kind.

Time to quit smoking?

It might be a good idea to consider taking steps to quit smoking, especially if you are looking to improve your overall health. For your sailing trip you can stock up on things like nicotine pouches, lozenges or nasal sprays. These are all designed to make you feel like you’ve had the hit of nicotine that you get when you have a cigarette. These can help you to deal with the cravings.

However, as a long term solution, the nicotine pouches offered by Snus UK are ideal. They are easy to use, very socially acceptable and do not come with any lingering odours or discolouration of teeth and fingers.

For your trip, figure out how long the trip will last and that will help you to work out how many pouches you are likely to need. Planning ahead will help you to cope with any cravings you get.