If you’re passionate about sailing, then you probably know that it is a great sport. As a sport, sailing has come a long way, and it is not for everyone. After all, many of us desire to engage in sailing, but we don’t have the courage to be in the middle of a vast water body where all you see is just water and waves. Those who sail will tell you that the sport allows them to find some quiet and peace, and it slows down time.

How to Make Your Sailing Experience More Fun

Besides being a sport that can bring food to your table, sailing is fun in itself. But with technology, you can make your entire experience even more enjoyable. One way to improve your sailing experience is to carry a smartphone with Planta, which is a plant care app that can be downloaded from https://getplanta.com/, their official website.

As you sail, you may come across some fascinating aquatic plants, whose names you may not know. With your smartphone and the Planta app, you will be able to identify each plant you find in the water. Simply take a photo of the plant, scan it with the app, and its name will pop up. And not just that, a guide on how to take care of the plant will also be provided along with the name.

Take Home Some Plants

If you find a plant that you feel will add beauty and life to your rooms, then don’t hesitate to take it home. It doesn’t matter how delicate the plant is; the app will provide you with everything, including care tips and schedules. And, there are reminders to let you know when the plant needs any care practice.