Keep The Boat Properly Maintained

First and foremost a sailing vessel needs to be up to safety standards. There are several companies that can review the ship and inform the owner of any potential issues. After each long trip it is recommended that the vessel is tested to ensure it does not have any dangerous faults.

One of the most important things to keep maintained is the engine (if the boat has one). These types of ships will have navigation lights which are essential for journeys out at sea. It is a standard procedure for these lights to be white, green and red in colour. Keeping these in working order is essential.

Prepare For Stranding

In the event that the engine or sail is disabled the boat will be stranded out in open ocean. This is a rare but potentially life threatening occurrence. It is important to pack certain provisions and tools in this event.

The priority will be food and water supplies. It is worth packing rations that contain essential minerals for survival. It is also advisable to keep something for catching rain water and fish. The main concern for stranded people is to get rescued as soon as possible. Having flares on hand will aid emergency services in their search.

Prepare For Sinking

Even worse than having the ship stop working is for it to sink. This scenario is much more dangerous for the crew. An inflatable life boat should be on board to use in case this happens.

Some sail boats are only equipped with life jackets. The issue with this is that the human body can not survive for very long in open water. Despite this, crew members should still wear life jackets for their safety.

Stay Connected

Modern ships have the benefit of an internet connection. This allows the captain to communicate with the outside world if things go wrong. Crews can use medical apps such as livi to clear up any health concerns. Apps can also be used to improve navigation.

Having GPS enabled is a way to ensure that the ship always stays on course. Satellite phones allow the crew to call for help in an emergency. Modern ships should take advantage of this technology in order to enhance safety and convenience.

Be Aware of Weather Conditions

Only a foolish captain will head out to sea without knowing the weather forecast. Being aware of any incoming storms can be life saving. It is best to stay away from any areas that have high winds.

A masthead can become an electrical conductor. During a storm it is not uncommon for sailing ships to be struck by lightning. All crew members should know this fact and be diligent during harsh weather conditions.