Sailing requires a higher level of fitness than what many people may imagine. Elite sailors have to tug on ropes to turn the heavy boats, all the while dealing with strong winds and stinging thuds of salty water on their faces. Keep in mind that the sport is competitive, so everything has to be done fast and precisely. To endure all that, an elite sailor has to be very well conditioned and fit.

A lot goes into maintaining high fitness levels as a sailor. If you want to get your fitness at par with those of elite sailors, follow their training routine. You should also consider the possibility of seeking osteoarthritis treatment as a way of enhancing your stamina, especially if you have some joint-related complications. However, as much as fitness is concerned, here are some workout tips every sailor needs.

Hit the Gym

Pulling the sail ropes during sailing requires quite a lot of strength, especially when the winds are raging. To work the sails efficiently, even in harsh conditions, you need to spend a lot of time in the gym. Use the weights to work on your pulling strength as much as you can. Make sure that you train your core and back to work in unison. Doing so will help to prevent injury while racing.

While racing in the water, there is usually a lot of movement involved. To be able to work swiftly, you need to work on your agility as well while in the gym. Because of the athletic nature of sailing, you are likely to underperform if you are experiencing symptoms of osteoarthritis. If that is the case for you, ensure you find out the right exercises to do that will help you deal with the condition. Coupled with the right treatment options, you can still become an elite sailor.

Condition Your Body

You need to condition your body such that your body to fat percentage ratio is less than 15. The idea behind it is to weigh less but have more strength. Weighing less means that the boat will have to carry less weight, and hence it will move quicker. Part of conditioning your body includes working on your nutrition, especially a few days before and on the day of racing. Staying well-hydrated is also important.

Improve Your Mental Fitness

You need mental dexterity for you to be an elite sailor, and lots of it. You should be able to cope well with all the strengths and weaknesses that you may have. You should also be able to deal with the physical conditions of a course, irrespective of the changes that may occur. Having great mental fitness means that you can remain focused at all times and be able to change your strategies within seconds, which is what sets aside the elite sailors from the rest.